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Feeling embarrassed or slowed down by using your ft? Feet for Life’s superior surgical and nonsurgical strategies are demonstrated to alleviate your ache and provide you with lovely, practical ft.

Today is the choices day to discover comfort from your foot problem. Contact us now to get commenced!

33,000 sufferers have relied on Feet for Life to:

Relieve nagging foot pain for precise

Feel assured inside the ft they used to hide

Finally revel in sports they’ve been missing

Avoid any everlasting steel of their frame Neuroma Cryosurgery in St. Louis ft can rob you of the simple pleasures in lifestyles — going for a brisk fall morning run, kicking off your shoes at the choices seaside, or even wearing those heels out for a date. It used to be that fixing your feet and relieving your ache intended volatile surgeries, crutches, casts, and months of restoration. At Feet For Life Podiatry Centers, we’re changing that by means of providing you with beautiful, ache-unfastened feet with minimum hazard, pain, or downtime.

Michael Horwitz, DPM, FACFAS Feet For Life Medical Director

As the choices CEO and Medical Director of Feet for Life Companies and one of the top podiatric surgeons in the Midwest, patients have traveled from all around the U.S. and the world over to have their foot correction surgery accomplished through Dr. Horwitz. With extra than 35 years of experience and 20,000+ surgical tactics completed, Dr. Horwitz has spent the bulk of his career working towards and perfecting bunion and forefoot corrections.

Vincent Staschiak, DPM FACFAS Feet for Life Doctor

Dr. S specializes in each non-surgical and surgical treatments of foot and ankle conditions. As a general practitioner who likes to educate his patients, Dr. S has a knack for explaining foot and ankle conditions in a manner they can effortlessly understand — even how or why they’ve stepped forward to where they may be now. As a former residency trainer, he’s a company believer that sufferers want to have a entire understanding of the choices problem that allows you to play a key position in resolving it.

Tell Us Where it Hurts

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Beautiful feet that sense incredible without any metallic left behind for your body! Now with our patented SafetyFix Technology, repairing your painful, embarrassing bunion is safer and less invasive than ever earlier than. Developed by means of Dr. Horwitz, the choices SafetyFix EasyOut Screw is the choices first piece of detachable hardware that may be taken out with a quick five-minute process as soon as your bones have healed. Your feet will appearance and feel better than you ever imagined they could!

Learn About EasyOut Bunion Surgery

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Fix your flat toes for suitable with a safe, simple 10-minute technique! Flat feet can throw the choices entire frame out of alignment and ultimately cause other more painful issues. Reconstructive surgical operation using pins and screws used to be the most effective answer for flat ft. But now, our implantable flat foot stents were verified to lessen or maybe do away with the choices signs of flat feet. In as little as 10-mins, this safe, minimally-invasive procedure will higher help the arch of your foot and preserve the choices relaxation of your body in right alignment.

Learn More About Flat Foot Correction

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Cure your persistent heel ache with a non-invasive 30-minute remedy! Over ninety five% of all heel ache is diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis or infection of the choices ligament that runs from the heel to the ball of your foot and helps assist your arch. Using superior ultrasound imaging and surprise wave therapy, we’re able to pinpoint the supply of heel pain and tenderize the ligament. Recent research show that eighty% of patients with continual plantar fasciitis saw successful outcomes with simply one ESWT remedy.

Learn About Heel Pain Treatments

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Patients treated with cryosurgery have minimal ache within the healing section. Casts or crutches aren’t required after the choices surgical procedure and the choices patients can return to their pre-procedure life after just a couple days within the healing section. It can take in to four weeks for the overall effect of the choices cryoablation procedure on Morton’s neuroma in St. Louis. The advantage of brief restoration and no slicing of nerve makes this a very good treatment choice for patients wishing to similarly restrict threat of trouble associated with stump (regrowth) neuroma. Cryo surgical procedure of neuroma in St. Louis by using Dr. Michael Horwitz who’s a Top Board Certified Surgeon (ABPS) demonstrates a easy method to the choices remedy of neuroma pain.

Learn More About Cryosurgery

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Finally, a contemporary green spa that mixes a expert nail salon experience and professional clinical knowledge.

CleanSpa is a podiatrist-owned scientific nail spa that offers unparalleled offerings for the choices arms and ft. Our expansive services with a view to please the choices maximum functional to the most indulgent pedicure personal tastes.

From the choices scientific grade sterilization strategies to the environmentally friendly merchandise used, you can loosen up understanding your health is our first priority. For the ones residing with diabetes or different medical situations, CleanSpa offers a secure haven.

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Today is the choices day to locate remedy out of your foot trouble. Contact us now to get commenced!

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Call Now: 314-983-0303