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The Disbelief Rally

October 7, 2021 by means of Louis Sykes

Just like that, Bitcoin reclaimed its September highs!

In a file some weeks in the past, we outlined:

Derivative speculators are bearish, whilst lengthy-term spot traders are continuing their accumulation. These are fertile grounds for a powerful disbelief rally that may lure bears.

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Ignore The Bitcoin Maxis

October 6, 2021 by Louis Sykes

In markets, there are alternatives certain agencies we need to absolutely keep away from.

Permabears, gold insects, and the choices “doom and gloomers” are notable examples of what not to be.

These are folks that mission their political and philosophical views onto the choices marketplace in place of using the choices market as a way to make cash.

When we’re managing cryptocurrencies, determining who we concentrate to is surprisingly critical. Cults just like the laser eye humans, religious followings of altcoins, and of path, the choices dreaded Bitcoin maxi are all within the business of fueling their inner confirmation biases.

For those unexpected with the nomenclature, Bitcoin maximalists accept as true with that Bitcoin is the choices simplest cryptocurrency that matters, while everything else is worthless. Similar to the choices gold and silver crowd, these people will only buy Bitcoin and nothing else.

I find it hilarious that Maxi’s will criticize the ones in conventional markets for lacking out on alpha, but they gained’t buy a unmarried altcoin, that is ironic because Bitcoin’s share of the asset class has dwindled decrease and decrease over the years.

The alpha inside crypto has been down the cap scale in smart contracts, defi, exchanges, and NFTs, not in Bitcoin.

The DeFi Disaster

October five, 2021 via Louis Sykes

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Revisiting Axie

October 4, 2021 with the aid of Louis Sykes

Axie Infinity is the choices speak of the choices crypto city today, and for desirable purpose.

This element has long gone in a straight line better and doubled from our entry while we have been shopping for it closing week.

Now, AXS is trading at a marketplace cap of $9B setting it amongst one of the maximum valuable video game entities in the world.

For these days’s submit, we wanted to step returned and revisit why we’ve been so obnoxiously bullish over the last few months, and take you at the back of our contemplating why we’ve placed it on the choices purchase list six separate instances in the last few months…

Here’s a snippet of our first submit masking Axie while we had been shopping for it in July:

There aren’t many coins breaking out to all-time highs proper now, however AXS is considered one of them.

We simply had to interrupt the regulations with this one – it’s currently trading at a tiny market cap of $750M, so it’s $250M shy of becoming a member of our Crypto universe. So keep in mind that this one is plenty smaller than what we generally address.

Here’s the play; we best want to very own AXS if it’s above eleven.60. If it’s underneath, then it’s a person else’s problem.

If AXS can do this, we may be long with a target up near 17.70.

And here changed into our chart back in July:

Pretty hilarious to look a $17 goal for a coin buying and selling at $a hundred and fifty today, right?

[Crypto] Weekly Strategy Session – October 1, 2021

This is the choices video recording of our October 1, 2021, All Star Charts Crypto Weekly Strategy Session.

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The Bitcoin Buy Wall

September 30, 2021 via Louis Sykes

We’ve talked at length approximately the accumulation taking location on the part of large dealer cohorts.

To visualize those tendencies, we’ve typically used all the on-chain metrics at our disposal. Another manner to move about doing that is with the aid of going without delay to the order e book.

Using heatmaps of all the restrict orders on crypto exchanges, we can get an concept of wherein buyers are accumulating and where they’re selling into electricity. The extra yellow the choices heatmap, the larger the dimensions of the choices orders.

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Every Technician’s Dream

September 29, 2021 through Louis Sykes

Cryptocurrencies are each technical analyst’s dream.

No arbitrary fundamental fashions.

Pure supply and demand at paintings.

Without getting too philosophical, there’s a trend in traditional markets closer to the choices democratization of economic records. Nowadays, people have almost the equal get admission to to statistics and platforms as the bigger guys. There are projects like Koyfin which can be leveling the choices gambling subject and giving the small man opportunities they didn’t have only some decades ago.

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Long Crypto’s Banks

September 28, 2021 with the aid of Louis Sykes

This can be the choices unmarried most critical chart within the world proper now.

We cannot overstate this development.

We eventually got a prime decision inside the US 10-year yield, which has reclaimed that important 1.forty% level this week. This begs the query as to what a growing price surroundings would possibly suggest for investor portfolios. The vital implication for stock traders is the choices renewed tailwind for cyclicals. When fees are rising, sectors like financials, industrials, materials, and power are all generally outperforming, that is precisely what we’ve commenced to see inside the remaining week.

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